Monday, 10 October 2011

things change and then again they dont!

well i have been a bit lazy and not kept my blog up to date and a lot has gone on since the summer.

i have had a course of treatment called lignocaine infusions (3 in total a month apart) and in some ways they were fab in that they helped the pain level and reduced it considerably but the payback from each infusion was not so much fun and took a couple of weeks to get over!

but now the infusion is wearing off, i have gotten use to less pain and my activity level increased accordingly and this caused its own issues as a lot of you know M.E is a tough task master and is none to keen on you doing more than it likes you to!

i have also been lucky enough to be asked to share my love of paper craft once a month for a couple of hours at my local craft center (Dalex crafts). an i have to say that i love it though it does leave me totally knackered and foggy for a few days after. but its worth it for the fun.

i have also been lucky enough to go away with my fab hubby in the caravan, we went to Cromer on the east coast for a fortnight, we did not a lot of anything which was great, i slept every after noon away, but we took google for a walk most mornings with me on my scooter, we found a lovely hotel garden to stop and have a cuppa in.

so i have had a busy and exciting summer as you can see and i havent told you about the best bit yet. my brother came home for a week with his family and had Lucas the newest edition christened i got to be god mother and managed to walk the length of the church with the candle with out falling (hubby held lucas as he was to precious to risk to my wobbly unstable body) though i did get lots of cuddled when i was sat in a chair so that was very cool.

right i have filled you in now with all of my summer adventures, i suppose i should let you know how things are now! but i have to say its boring as things are back to how they were pre infusion!
lots of pain and restrictions to movement, less energy as the pain is eating it up.

i have also started a new blog to display and share my crafty bits that i like to make. its called