Friday, 13 May 2011

the excitement of spring

on Wednesday there was an affirmation of life in my garden, yes strong is her the daffodils have flowered and the trees are green, but this was so much more exciting. when i went down to check on the chickens the suprise was there waiting for me with dr pepper the broody hen, she had been sitting on 6 eggs for 21 days, but that morning a miracle happened a small fluffy brown and yellow chick was tucked under her wings. over the next 12 hours another two hatched, so we now have three healthy chicks nestling with their mum.

today the chicks are moving about in the house and already feeding and drinking independently of mum. they climb all over her and peck at her as she clucks and mothers them protecting them and showing them how to be a chicken.

so new life is growing in my garden i have chicks in the hen house as well as in the hedges from the blue tits, sparrows and the doves.

i love spring it just reminds you that any thing is possible...

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