Tuesday, 17 April 2012

nothing changes

its been four years now since the first viral attack, there were a lot to follow each knocking me down a little further till there was no where to go.

as is normal when we are ill we assume that the Drs will fix it and that we will get better and life will carry on. but as many before me and many since me have discovered that this is not always the case, after being continuously ill for over six months and slowly deteriorating i was told i had cfs/m.e.

and sort of left to it, as there is no fix, no magic pill.

but life carries on,and i have carried on. i have built a new life its different, not what i had planned but it is not bad. i still have an amazing family if any thing they are even more special and amazing now.

out of the wreckage and the destruction that cfs/m.e caused my life a new slower, but some how more poignant life has developed, i now make the most of the little things, and value time spent with family and friends.

i no longer think of what i should be doing whilst im doing something, but make the most of the activity that im doing, i dont worry about tomorrow, it will be what it is and i will make the most of what i can.

at the beginning of this illness i was told to do what im doing and make the most of it. i thought the chap was daft as we all enjoy what we do, i now thank him for sharing those words as nothing is more true.

even the worst of days have something in them thats worth focusing on even if its just the fact that the sun is shining or my dog has come for a cuddle. the little things are what make life worth living.

those little things are what make life with cfs/m.e worth living.


  1. Well Rae it looks as though you have cracked it, the acceptance of things is so important and one yet I have to master. I am still going through the sheer frustration mode and giving my wife a hard time I expect ha ha. You are very fortunate in having such a supportive husband and family.
    The dog to me is the answer in stopping the isolation. Our Bonnie is just my best friend and companion and she is so loving and comical, in fact she is so human at times with her apparent compassion and understanding. Stupid I know but a fact.

  2. hey rae

    glad to see you posting. the small things in life, i treasure those too now. i watching a duck last week build part of his nest, that was special. its how we look at things now, so different. take care of yourself. emma xxx