Sunday, 15 November 2009

i went out like a grown up!

last night for the first time in months i went out in the evening for a meal, a grown meal at a grown up time with adults. it was fantastic to spend time with my friends and my husband i had an amazing meal, and would recommend going to Chesters in market deeping to any one living near by.

i was able to stop till the end not having to make excuses to leave early, thanks to the pain killers and a fab husband i only needed my stick as well so it really helped my self esteem and cos everyone knows me no one asked how i was feeling or what i was getting up now days thay just all welcomed me as though they spoke to me every day making me feel normal.

this morning im tired and a bit shakey i hurt a bit but i know it will get worse but it will be worth every moment because last night made me feel like part of the world again.

i laughed and giggled with my friends i felt like my old self for just a few hours no one made me feel ill or looked at me as though i was broken, and yes i paced all week i rested being carefull not to do to much yesterday i got up late, and then went back to bed in the afternoon to rest again, yes i had pain but none of that mattered because last night i felt normal for a few hours!

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