Tuesday, 18 May 2010

card making and new people

who would have thought that winning a competition on foggy friends for some card making stuff would have developed into a whole new hobby that has changed my days.

i now read card making magazines like they are going out of fashion, egaly look at different papers and glittery bits thinking about what i could make next. today i went to my first craft class and oh what fun, i met new people who didnt judge or look at me funny, i was just another person who loved and enjoyed making cards. i chatted and laughed and played with the sticky bits. it was lovely to feel normal.


this is the sort of thing i now spend my days making


the challenge of making and completing a card gives me a sense of satisfaction that i used to get from cleaning the house or going to work, things i used to take for granted but since becoming ill have changed dramatically. i never exspeted a new hobby to help so much the only problem is that its addictive!


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