Thursday, 24 June 2010

im back!!

i havent posted for a while as things have been a we bit hetic here! first of all i have not been to good and seem to have developed an issue with staying upright as yesterday i met the floor rather to quickly for my liking both pride and body bruised but nothing broken.

my baby daughter is now 18 and i definitely was not ready for that so have been busy with pressies and party's to celebrate the huge event.i also decided the weekend before the celebration's to hold a bbq with vee for all out m.e friends that could come. it was great to see every one and chat to them all. but i really need to remember to plan my time slightly better!

i also got to meet one of my penpals who also has m.e for the first time when she and her partner came up for a visit and i have to say they were as lovely as i had hoped and we had a great weekend.

so as you can see i have been a little bit busy and have worn myself out ever so slightly though i have to say since i have been put back on citalopram as a nuroreceptor blocker it has helped a hopefully things will improve a bit as the pain is slightly more controlled.

well its time for a snooze and with luck tomorrow ill bring you all up to date on my recent holiday adventure on my scooter!!

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