Monday, 2 November 2009



this is a question and a half, how do you feel is something im asked every day how do i answer with the truth, rarely with a standard ok that tells you nothing!

how do i cope with feeling like this? i dont know im not even sure that i am coping!

how much help do i get? my family is great but medically it is as though i have dropped in to a black whole since diagnosis!

how do i tell people what wrong when they see me sat in my scooter? this is the question i avoid, m.e isnt that just like having flue! im told oh you get better from that! and you see them look at you and decide that you are lazy!

how do i spend my day? wishing it away! no i spend my day struggling to do the odd job so my family doesn't have to and chatting to others on my computer that i have never met that have the same problem and now understand me more than i do myself some days!

and how i wish i would get better.....

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  1. I am with you 100% honey - my questions though are why and what - why me and what did I do to deserve this - I guess there are no answers :(