Wednesday, 10 March 2010


this morning im so excited and cant wait for the day, how silly is that im 41 soon to be 42 and im behaving like a small child!

today is so exciting because this morning i am having coffee with another person with M.E (pwme) ans his wife and im meeting someone totally new who also has m.e. the reason for this is after we had finished out pacing class a few of us felt that it would be good to keep in touch and for a sort of informal support group we talked with the OT and she asked us if we mind if she forwarded our email to others that was Vera an me. and today i get to meet the first person who was referred to us. s originally Vee was coming today but as always life happens and she now cant make it. so im excited and nervous about that but in a good way.

then this afternoon my brother is home with his wife and little boy who i havent seen in over a year so im also very excited about that. they will be arriving this afternoon which will be fab. im looking forward to hopefully spending the day with them tomorrow.

the other thing that has got me so excited it that my new bedding came yesterday my new curtians are coming today and the children started painting my bedroom for me last night for mothers day they have got a 1/4 of it done and i love it already.

im so excited today that the pain doesnt even matter lol i just hope this happy feeling and excitement can carry me over the next few days so i can enjoy the time with my family.

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