Saturday, 6 March 2010

what to do!

one of the hard things about having M.E is the amount of time in each day that you have to fill with
something thats not going to consume to much energy but will occupy you.

normal peoples days are taken up with work, house work, cooking and family. but my days are no longer filled with that because my body wont allow me to do these things.

finding things to do sitting down with my legs up has not been easy, for example i love to read but more than 20 minutes reading leaves me unable to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day!

i love to paint but this has always been a hobby that i have done as and when i felt like it and not something that i can make myself do to fill the time as its something that just has to feel to happen and i tend to want to complete whatever it is and forget to rest!

i spend time on the computer but this is not something that i can spend all day every day doing though is is very easy to loose the day in chatting on line and browsing web sites, so i have been looking for things to do that i can pick up and put down as necessary so i can rest when needed with out messing up what im doing.

i have found my old cross stitch that got put in the back of the cupboard when i started studying and working full time. but this takes more concentration than you realize so like reading i cant do it for long.

i have decided to have a go at knitting again (not having done any since my kids we little) but forgot how much it makes your arms ache! although i have now got the rib of one side done!

then a competition came up on foggies the M.E website i use to win some card making stuff, never having done this before i entered and waited to see, low and behold i won a package arrived full of bits of paper and card little fabric flowers sequins and other shiny things i was drawn like a magpie to it all. this morning i have spent and hour happily cutting sticking and creating, (took me back to school and art class!) this morning has been glorious and i have completed and created cards something totally finished.

my hobbies pre M.E were more active as i like to walk and swim. i loved to cook this has not changed though more often than not i never complete a meal on my own any more. i used to read a whole novel in one go now a book lasts me weeks!

so to find something that i can complete on my own quickly and have fun doing has been so much fun this morning.

here is a pick of my creations.Photobucket


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