Saturday, 17 April 2010

a lovely day

this morning the sun was shining, and i woke up feeling like i do on one of my better days so i new an adventure was in the offing, it was time for an outing.

so off i went with google on my scooter and josh came to...

we went to the park for google to run around, barking like a nutter, he spent 10 minute's busily clearing the park of all the birds and then another 10 minute's checking all the smells (you know the ones that only dogs are interested in) till he came back and looked to me for a ride, so we went over the bridge swerving through the slarllem gates, through the cycleways lined with daffodils towards tesco, with google bounding around at top speed checking all the smells and busily adding as many of his own as possible so that all the other dogs would know that google had been here. we said hello to all the other dogs we met on our way (google hiding behind my legs if he did not like the look of them obviously the red setter looked very dodgy!)

finally he had had enough running and decided he wanted to ride. he climbed onto the scooter sitting between my legs his head lolling on my foot as his ears flapped as we whizzed along his pink tongue hanging out and a huge grin on his face. google loves nothing better than and run and ride. he laid and snoozed with josh while i did a quick rampage around tescos and covered the scooter in shopping (im really not sure if you are suposed to hang shopping bags off the head rest ). fully loaded we sped home watching the battery lights disappear with fingers crossed we made it. as we pull up outside our house google climbs off carrying his lead to the door as he yaps excitedly at the door to let Paul know he is home. another adventure complete now its time to sleep in the sun and dream of the next one!

going out with google and spending time with my family is something i love.

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