Friday, 2 April 2010


easter is a good time of year spring is beginning, the first green shoots can be seen as the plants wake up from there slumber the daffodils dance and the birds are singing all thats missing is the sun!

it a wonderful time of year when all of nature is renewed and given a new set of clothes to display to those watching. the hawthorn at the bottom of my garden is covered in buds as it wakes to the blackbirds building there nest, the doves are arguing and fetching bits of twig for there nest in the elder that has just started to sprout the greenest of shoots as its new leaves start to emerge to protect the doves young and hide them from view till they are ready.

its a lovely time of year if you have time to sit and watch, the problem is that all i have is time my spring preparations are taking place without me as i get to watch. hubby tidies the garden after its winter sleep and plants the summer bulbs as the spring ones are erupting all around there jewel bright colours luminous again the darkness of the earth and the bleakness of the weather. im not rebuilding my nest and decorating it like the birds but yet again i get to watch hubby clean, polish and paint to brighten up the house after the cold dark winter gradually bringing it alive and vital ready for the spring and summer. i watch on sitting in my chair while they all bustle around me chattering in excitement as the winter ends the only problem is my hibernation seems to be ongoing and have no end.

my spring has not come im still stuck in the depths of the m.e winter with no new green shoots of life appearing. my spring seems to have stalled and no new life is being breathed into my hibernating body. maybe as it gets warmer the sun will entice me out of hibernation and give me some of the freedom i so desire so that once again i can dance in the sun and feel the energy of spring running through wakening my body from its slumber cracking the ice that holds my joints an muscles so hard and firm allowing me to feel free and unhindered.

easter is a wonderful time spring is here new growth ,new life, new hope for a better year...

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