Thursday, 11 February 2010

happy days

over the last week i have generally been feeling happier, which is great cos this helps me to cope with all the crap that comes from living with M.E and fibromayalgia.

i had a lovely afternoon out on sunday when i went across the road to our friends for sunday lunch
we had a great meal and lots of giggles which makes for a good day. and for a change although i had a lte night for me i did not have to much payback on wednesday my dad picked me up and we popped out to get the few bits i needed like bird seed and stamps. then went back to mum and dads for lunch where i had a lovley time chatting about every thing and anything. then today bam im back on the floor i was feeling so ill that i took myself to the gp only to be told that i have a sinus infection no wonder i have had a permanent cold since xmas!.

the house is full of excitement as the children prepare for there outward bound adventure holiday in wales. they both get the chance to try some exciting activities such as rock climbing abseiling, canoing and coast stearing. they will be gone for 5 days it will be strange with out them but hubby and i are making the most of it and escaping in the caravan so we both can rest and make the most of the time.

google is better and back to his mad self running around with his toys and sleeping his way through the day and night. mind you he seems to be giving the cat a wide birth so i guess he was not to impressed with getting an infection from the cat bite!

its only just over a month now when i get to see my brother and his wife and jack i cant wait to see them all and to spend some time with them. i must try and rest before they come so i can enjoy spending time with them. i love getting to talk to jack on the phone and see the photos on line. with luck i hope that i will be fit enough to go and see them next year and spend some time in usa with them.

i have got such a lot going on and so much to look forward to i cant wait for it all.

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  1. Hope you have a nice break-away Rae you deserve it xxx