Thursday, 4 February 2010

the visitors...

every day google and i are visited by our feathered friends. at 9.00 am the sparrow family comes all 6 of them they hustle and bustle about flitting from one feeder to another chirping away while one sits in the hawthorn watching alert for an intruder in there breakfast ritual. they swap place always one watching while the others feed they are not to good a sharing and squabble over the best bits. i know what they are watching for that 4 legged monster that sleeps on the conservatory roof called a cat grizabella watches through half closed eyes waiting for them to make a mistake and stop looking but they dont, and soon they have finished an fly off in to the trees at the bottom of the garden to preen and chat

at 11.00 Mr robin pops in for a bit of light refreshment he is a jolly litte fellow that shares a pleasant song while he still on the tray nibbling at the seeds and suet telling all those listening the news of the day. as he leaves the hoodies of the bird world arrive the gang of hooligans with there messy feathers and constant argument over who is the boss the starlings raid the the bird table jostling for position arguing so much that they dont see danger arrive in the stealthy form of mac the ginger cat, they leave with a squawk and flap furiously to escape the eager amber eyes and the ever ready claws as he contemplates his pray.

all is quiet for a while then but as mac leaves and wanders off the queen of the garden arrives to check her kingdom the thrush stands on top of the bird table tall and regal showing off her speckles for all to see. she gently hops down to where the food is and picks at it only taking the best bits. she does not stop long but here presence brings Mr and Mrs black bird her loyal subjects to attendance as she leaves they are given permission to carry on one sits on the chair while the other feeds watching for imminent danger. they swap and Mr black bird in his smart tux watches over his wife. Mrs black bird is res pendant in dark brown Velvet with black accessories unlike her husband who is wearing all the gold in the family showing his wealth in the colour of his beak.

at 3pm the great tit and the sparrows return for afternoon tea. a more civilised affair and a party the black birds stay sometimes and occasionally the special guests appear skipping through the air excited at being invited, the long tailed tits dance from one feeder to the next. the two lovers return as well for a brief moment they sit together on the top of the bird table is their beautiful pale grey and mauve gowns showing their commitment to each other with the rings around the necks the doves coe and watch the dance of the long tailed tits the chatter of the sparrows then take there leave as Mr robin pops by for the last time today just checking that all is ok and he had not missed any thing important.

all the time while this is going on the dunocks hop around picking up and tidying up the seed that the others drop quietly and invisibly doing there jobs. occasionally if she is feeling safe little miss jenny wren will flit in for a brief visit but you have to be watching as her shyness soon takes over and her bravery crumbles as she rushes back to the hide in the bushes again.

google and i spend a lot of the day watching the birds in our garden enjoying there presence and sharing in there song.

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