Tuesday, 2 February 2010

google poorly...

this week has been very hard not because of my M.E. but because my constant companion the holder of my sanity of those days where life is just to hard is ill. on sunday evening i noticed he was struggling to get up the stairs in our usual race that he wins as i find him laid on my bed with his tail wagging and eyes shining looking at me at though to say 'ware you been ive been waiting for you!'

as i checked his legs i notices a swelling on his back leg and a small bite mark. we went to sleep as i had told him that maybe all he needed was rest. but when i got up in the morning his leg was so swollen you could not say where his foot started. i rang the vets and got him an appt planning on taking him on my scooter all the way to deeping the furthest i have been in months. but was unable to find the keys for the garage. thankfully i have a fantastic neighbor and friend who took us.

the vet said google had a temp and an infection in his leg most probably caused by a cat bite, he had 2 injection straight away and was given two lots of antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. and one of those horrible collars that look like a lamp shade. i had to take him back on wednesday with a promise that if he got any worse i would bring him straight back.

he has taken his meds like the fantastic boy he is and the swelling is nearly gone but it obviously still hurts as every now and then he yelps,

google being ill raised so many feelings that i was not sure i could cope. it totally wiped me out. the fear of loosing my constant companion was real, i could taste the grief and sadness. it may seem dramatic and silly but he is my salvation my companion, he asks nothing from me but give me every thing. i am never alone while he is with me. im so glad the meds are working.

today google got a get well card from one of my foggy friends where i posted that he was ill and had 20 people sending him hugs and get well messages. to you this might seem sad, a bunch of people that have nothing better to do, but to me it showed how much those of us that are house bound by illness have come to rely on our pets. we have done what all the animal trainers not do we have made our animals into people with human attributes thought and feeling. they partake in our on line conversations, as we share them with others that are also sat behind closed doors forgotten by the world and cut off from normality.

without google im not sure i would have made it this far my family are great and they love and care for me with out condition. but google is different he is just completely love and understanding.

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