Wednesday, 16 September 2009


tonight it would seem is going to be long and give me lots of time to think!!

my wonderful hubby helped me up to Bed at 6.20 via the stair lift as i was so very very tired that i could not manage to stand properly. thank god for my stair lift (it is no ordinary stair lift this is a very specially installed by father and son bargain. after watching me struggle up the stairs hubby went shopping on eBay for a stair lift after we found out that a new one was going to cost us over £2000 to be installed. after a lot of looking hubby found one not to far from us in Leicester that was worth taking a chance on he bid the £40 that they had been averaging and was excited to find he won the auction. the auction was won for the sum of 99p yep yo read it right 99p my hubby brought me a stair lift for 99p. it took him and my son three days to fit and get it working and it had been the best eBay purchase ever).

Well im still laying here awake google is snoring, hubby is at work and the kids are fasto. nights like this give me time to think which is not always a good idea as it has a tendancy to remind me of what i can no longer do due to the m.e

some of you wont know what M.E is or what it really means to a person who has it. so ill try to explain what it is like for me.

in general i feel like i have flue every day, my joints ache, my eyes hurt i have a headache and a permanent sore throat. on top of that i get up in the morning feeling as though i have already done a days heavy manual work and only continue to feel more fatigued as the day goes on, the fatigue brings muscle pain similar to the pain you get when you have run a marathon and ran out of energy, the lack of strength in my muscles
means that i wobble when i walk and find it hard to support my own body as well struggling to walk. along with this i have IBS, blurred vision, and a tendacy to forget things and get easily confused (foggyness)

M.E is classified by the world health organization as a neurological illness
this web site explains it so well i thought i would put the link here for you to get more info.
this video also helps explain it.

however my life is not over because of this it has taught me to take things slower and to appreciate the smaller things in life like watching the butterfly's dance in my garden or seeing a kingfisher as im riding along on my mobility scooter.

my new moto is to enjoy what im doing,

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