Thursday, 24 September 2009


yesterday my brain was like swiss cheese full of holes that important things kept falling through like the fact that at 4.30 i was supposed to tell my wonderful hubby to pick our daughter up after she had been to the bank cos she was worried about having that much cash on her did i tell him no did i remember not until he said Bex is running late at the point i sat there and said haven't you been and picked her up yet!!

this was just the final episode in a day fraught with mistakes and fogginess, it took me 5 hours and 4 visits to the washing machine to work out why it wasn't working after pressing all the buttons i finally noticed that i had not shut the door! i rang my dad earlier to say have a good trip and then forgot to say it!! i shut the dog in the downstairs loo by mistake then couldn't work out where he had gone! i put bread in the toaster for breakfast then had an apple and forgot i was making.

so with luck today might be better less foggy anyway was planning on going out but not sure if i would remember how to get home the way my brain has been working and mobility scooters don't come with sat nav!

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