Monday, 21 September 2009

an ab fab day

yesterday morning when i woke up the sun was shining and i felt good only had a few aches and pains but i was awake and not at all foggy. so in a moment of madness and excitement i suggested that hubby and i went off to the coast for the day in the spitfire (this is a classic sports car from 1963).

we packed a picnic and blanket sorted out the car and put my crutches in the boot we were ready i waved goodbye to the kids and off we went a smile from ear to ear.

we travelled from home to hunstanton and the sun shined all the way here i thought my journey would end picnic on the front and home but no hubby had other ideas.

we drove along the coast road waving at other people as we went past them in there classic cars i enjoyed looking at the scenery and the ride in the sun we stopped at morston quay for a coffee from picnic and looked out over the salt marsh and the boats and the quay its was so pretty. i sat on the grass with quite a heavy bump as i dropped the last few inches when my legs gave out but nothing was going to dampen my spirits a i rang my mum and said guess where i am and had a lovely chat hubby made me a cup of tea and i sat there enjoying looking at something different .after our drink we jumped back in the car well i sort of hobbled and slid into the seat. we carried on our way along the coast road untill we got to cromer where we stopped for cockles then drove up to felbrig hall.

at the hall we picnicked proper with making our rolls up with all the goodies we had packed sitting in the sun enjoying our beautiful surroundings. i was able to borrow a mobility scooter from the national trust so that i could go around the house and gardens the walled garden was amazing as was the plaster work on the ceilings in the house it self.

on our way home we decided to pop and see some friends and had a wonderful warm welcome which was lovely as i had not seen them in over 18 months it was a the perfect end to a fab day. i slept on and off in the car on the way home and needed help to bed but now sat here feeling yuck i have this memory of a perfect day out just what you need to carry you through the bad days.

thanks to hubby for the great day xxxxx

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