Friday, 18 September 2009

today is a yay day

well i missed yesterday as i slept through it but that has brought its own benefits in that today has been fab.

hubby and i went out for lunch at a local pub and i had a very nice baguette with bacon chicken and cheese and chips which i really enjoyed hubby had the loin of pork version with apple sauce which i have to say tasted good to.

its strange how we manage to really talk when we go out like that not the usual day to day stuff that happens but talk about the big stuff. feeling about whats been going on what we would like to do our ideas for the future. It may be strange but in some ways my being ill has been a blessing yes i did say blessing. it has given us time to stop and take a hard look at our life and where it was going and i can honestly say i dont think that in some ways it was a good place we were heading to. we are definitely closer than we were and that is all down to the M.E so its something i have become quite greatfull for. we had started to live parell lives in the same house working opposite shifts each contained in our own little world of what we had to do only coming together to talk about what the kids were doing or what jobs needed to be done running from one thing to the next never stopping to look and appreciate what we had.

now life has taken on new meaning enjoyment comes in time spent together and sharing simple things, no longer is there a need to have every thing but rather a lets see what tomorrow brings and enjoy what we have today.

friends that we thought were important and seemed central to our lives disappeared as though we were infectious and now damaging to there lives and so we were no longer included. work colleges disappeared into a dim and distant fog never to clear, as i drifted further from there world. but during all of this not once did my faith in my family waver and those individuals that i now count as true friends showed there worth including us in there life and making us part of there world they adapted times and venues so that i could access them there was no critical comment made if i needed to leave early but rather a cheer that i had come in the first place. these people i now class as my friends some i have found through talking on a specialize forum others were always there but in my rush to live the life i thought i should have i did not notice or value them some i have made since i have been ill and they just accept me for me no questions.

i have found that i value simple things like a blue sky watching the chickens in the garden seeing the butterfly's dance around the flowers, the smell of the grass as its been cut, watching my children grow in to independent young adults. but most of all i value my hubby who has become my rock my foundation in a life thats ever changing.

i am blessed because i have people who love me, and i know a lot of people with M.E struggle on there own with out support my heart goes out to them.

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