Monday, 28 September 2009

a weekend away

this weekend has been fantastic we arrived at ferry meadows Friday afternoon and found a pitch for the caravan and the sun was glorious, had a fab meal out at the havester one of those platter that you share for starter and game on and chips no pud aw was full and too hot so had to make and exit to the car so i could sit in front of the air con to cool down!

on sat morning after a breakfast of poached egg on toast i made my way toward the cafe at ferry meadows to meet some new friends off foggies. it was so good to see vera and see her looking so much more positive and i promise is wont say that she looked well as we all know how we look does not show how we feel! i also met kerry and glen from off foggies kerry was one of the first peeps to welcome me to the forum for sufferers and carers of those with M.E she made me feel so welcome and the few time i have spoken to glen online he has made me giggle with his very dry wit. i was so pleased to see tham as glen had been so poorly over the last few weeks is was good to see them out and put the names to faces, thank you both so much for coming and hope itdidnt take to much out of you glen they left us with an invite to pop in if we are ever over that way and we will take you up on that so tc and we will see you both again xx

vera came back to the caravan for a bit and we continued our gossip and she told me about a local show that she is going to where she will sell her hand made cards, if things are good ill shall pop along and see her there. mind you its not long till we are meeting again though the pacing group where we first met.

while that weekend has been amazing and i have had so much fun today is not so much fun the pain has kicked in and the fatigue is here to stop me thinking to much !! but hay it may well have been worth it

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