Saturday, 19 September 2009

slow day

to day is a slow day full of the wrong words and half finished sentences, i have had my family in stitches with the new sayings and the order that i use words when grappling with my foggy brain for example my son was winding me up and i said to him to stop and that my patience is not very long today as i could not remember the word short for the life of me.

i apparently also have a new habit of stopping halfway through a sentence and switching off like a dodgey radio totally unaware of what is happening around me until the world comes back into focus.

but hey if it makes us laugh it cant be a bad thing, this morning i have dusted the whole of down stairs yay but in my excitement i forgot to do one room at a time and rest in between so well yeh bet you guessed i got a quick reminder from the M.E that i should pace as i became the colour of our hall walls (a strange sort of very milky coffee colour) and went all hot and dizzy so i am now sat in my chair with my feet up and the fan on sill girl i do know better but like always what we know and what we do dont always match!

its will be strange as my parent fly off to see my brother for a month again on Thursday so i shan't be zipping off to deeping for a while as i have no halfway stop for a bit. talking of scooters i love my mobility scooters the decision to get one was one of the hardest and i felt like i was giving up an accepting that i was broken beyond repair i was not old enough at 40 to be sitting in what i classed as a granny mobile (sorry folks). but after collapsing and rendering myself useless after a trip to the supermarket i made the decision to borrow one from shopmobility and wow freedom i had forgotten how much i could not do because walking had become so hard.

so off we went to look for a sporty looking scooter that would do it all little did i know that the world of mobility scooters is complex and exspensive!! but after a good search a test drives we came home will a deal that we thought was great a class 3 scooter for round the village and and a small boot scooter for shopping and days out. i have not looked back the fun and freedom that these have given me has turned my life fom being totally Dependant on others to having enough independence to still feel like i am me.

mind you i do meet a few unhelpful ignorant peeps that walk past me and bash me with their hand bags as though im not there or ignore me as if im no longer worthy of there attention but for the most part they are far and few between. Google (my dog) and i spend many happy hours speeding round the village and local footpaths he loves riding in the basket with his ears flapping in the breeze and his big pink tongue hanging out so if you see a mad woman on a blue scooter stop and say hi it could be me!!

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