Wednesday, 16 September 2009


what i want to know today is who stole my energy!

i was a good girl and rested and slept all night (thanks melatonin) so why did my battery not recharge!
today i feel like im trying to walk through treacle with lead legs with some sadist putting angry wasps on my back so that im constantly being stung. so if you are the sadist please stop it you have my batteries can i have them back please!

google (my dog and constant companion ) is laid on my feet as i type this grumbling in his sleep life must be so easy to be a dog!

but i have been a good house wife and done a job this morning i have made chutney from all of th tomatoes
that i have grown in my green house over the summer. so now the house smells great and im ready for a nap just in time for hubby getting up from bed as he is on nights.

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