Saturday, 20 February 2010


this last week i have been away in the caravan with hubby and google. we went to sandringham. the caravan site was clean and tidy and set in the woods surrounded by pine trees. staying in the caravan makes life easy and give me energy to do other things mainly due to the confined nature of the caravan and a bit due to the need to have fun!
as you can see from pic not far from bed to food lol. any way while a holiday may not be the best idea in the physical sense as i tend to come home physically knackered its does wonders for my head.
getting out and seeing new things makes life worthwhile and reminds me that there is still such a lot i can do.

sandringham was beautiful full of wild life i watched the rabbits from the caravan window and the chaffinches in the trees, i saw the deer in the woods and had one gallop alongside us as i was out exploring. the noise it made as it thundered past was amazing. i watched the grey squirrel digging for his winter store in the clearing and i watched the snow fall from inside the warmth and safety of the caravan.

i managed to explore the woods on my scooter probably doing everything it tells you not to in the manual. but it gave me the chance to walk! like i used to in among nature and off the roads.
ofter each trip i would get back stiff and sore but smiling from ear to ear it was just so good to be out even if it was freezing and i had 2 pairs of gloves on and a blanket over my knees!

some times you jst have to say sod the consequences and go for it i know that this week will be hard and ill suffer for all the fun that i had but hay i did it i went out and had a holiday okay i had to go to bed at 7pm like normal but i wasnt cut off in my bedroom like at home i was still there in the same room part of it.

i know i have over done it and spent more energy than i had but hay it wouldnt be a holiday if you didnt overspend!

i loved it and it will give me something to think about and remember on those days where it can get a bit dark.

one last pic of one very tired dog after a day running in the woods.
i know how he feels......

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  1. aw rae im glad you had a nice time, sounded really great. your another off roader in you mobility scooter. my wheelie chair is a little dirty at the moment, with being pushed around parks, i love to see the wildlife too.

    sweet picture of your dog. rest up this week.