Friday, 30 October 2009

a normal day!!

gosh how much would i pay to have a normal day every thing i have and all that i could borrow would probably be my answer.

to have a day totally pain free where my legs worked i didn't have a sore throat or a headache, i was not so tired that thinking was hard work and i could stay up to a normal time with out punishment. to be able to control my temperature so that after a meal i did not feel as though i had been put in the oven a baked myself!
not to have feet like blocks of ice and be out of breath walking to the kitchen, not to need my stick/crutches and o be able to drive where i like.

not to take 23 pills in a day and know that if i forget one ill know it!

what would i do with my day well this may seem strange but i would do all the things that i struggle with i would clean the house from top to bottom take my dog for a walk (not a scooter ride) mow the lawn have a chat with the neighbors go out for dinner and watch a film staying up as late as possible all the time spending the day with my family i would do as much stuff as i could for all for those that help me.

but this is a dream and not my reality.

this was the life i had and never appreciated till it was taken away i always wanted more nowi would give it all just to be able to do it all again!

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