Thursday, 8 October 2009

yay i slept

this may not seem like much to a lot of people but a full night of undisturbed sleep by pain is a minor miracle that i have not experienced in just over a year, what bliss i woke up feeling good, ok it did not last long and all the aches and pains are back along with the normal fatigue but for that first half and hour this morning was fab.

yesterday i spent the afternoon painting an i think the picture is now finished it has take me a few days but hey its good to be painting again i have not picked up a brush in nearly 6 years due to study or illness but this week i decided that it might do me good yeh i have dropped the brush and we now have some nice red splodges on the rug in the conservatory but hey so what im painting and its great this is the first canvas i have done is such a long time it feels so good now have to start planning the next one.

i went to the gp last night which is why a i slept it is probably more accurate to call it a drug induced stupor but hey it worked. he would not up my pain meds like i wanted as he feels im already on a very high dose hat to tell him that they dont work but they dont! so he gave me something to help me sleep through the pain it worked but i cant keep taking it as its not good for you and addictive like every thing else thay seem to give me. mind you he did write every thing down i told him and took interest in the fact that i have gone cold even my nose which is a very strange feeling.

but at the moment im rejoicing a slept all night and it was bliss...

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  1. aw hugs honey touch wood I am sleeping ok at the mo - I think my holiday wore me out - I am having a lot of leg and back pain though at the moment which is bringing me down - still got to to stay positive xxxx