Wednesday, 13 January 2010

good day are few and far between!

yesterday was one of those rare and beautiful days where you wake up and know that you are feeling good. you can move about without doing impressions of the hunch back of notre dam! the nausia and headache that acompany getting up is not there and you feel happy.

yesterday was one of those days a day where you remember what it is like to well. it was wondeful, i went shopping with my mum on my scooter and then back to theres for lunch and cooked tea in the evening it ma not seem like much but to me it was the equivilant of running a marathon.

but as i expected i awoke this morning back to normal feeling as thouh i had not slept everything hurting and the nausea was back to keep me company!

its hard to decide if good days are realy good or just cruel days that remind you of what once was!
but then maybe they come just as you need them to remind you of why you are resting and taking the meds and using the stair lift. so that you can cope with the devastating affects of this disease yesterday was most welcome it gave my dad hope to see me having a good day, it made me remember that not every day is bad. so maybe it was a good day after all, i just am not sure i like the price i have to pay for it!!

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