Saturday, 16 January 2010

my constant companion

my constant companion these days is my dog google. no matter where i go or what i do he is there from when i wake in the morning with him sat on my chest pink tongue hanging out shiny brown eyes excited that im awake. he follows me to the bathroom waiting while i bath and nudging me if im in there to long. he brings me my slippers after he has shaken them to make sure they are safe and dances around me in glee as i head to the stair lift which he races to the bottom wining ever time his tail wagging like a flag.

he enjoys his cup of tea sharing it with his best friend the cat mac as they guzzel away i prepare my breakfast to share with google. his big brown eyes melt into mine compelling me to share whatever im eating.

he lays on feet as i sit in my chair, he tells me when some one is at the door bouncing up and down like he is on springs and barking at who ever is there telling them to wait she is coming as he dashes back and forth checking up on my progress. as i chat to him he cocks his head on one side as though he is listening to every word and then come up for a cuddle.

on the days that are nice and we feel up to going out we get out our transport and he sits on the foot plate of my mobility scooter like royalty his ears flapping in the breeze and pink tongue hanging out his tail wagging. a definite smile on his face as i stop to let him off and run free in the park, he runs rings around me yapping excitedly.

after tea as i move to go upstairs he rushes to get on the bed before me, never mind if he has been fed or not he will stay with me snoring next to me until morning he will check me each time i move looking at me with those big brown eyes making sure im ok.

with out my constant companion my days would be long. thank goodness for google.Photobucket

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