Friday, 22 January 2010

my husband

my hubby is an amazing man. he is my best friend the love of my life, my partner and my carer.

when we said out wedding vows over 20 years ago for richer and poorer in sickness and health, to love and hold neither of us could have forsworn what that would really mean to us.

in the 20 years we have had many adventure some were fun and others not but they have all brought us closer together. we lost our house in the 90's when interest rates when barmey and we had two small children and no matter how many hours we worked the bills were more than we could ever have imagined. thankfully with help and support from family we weathered the storm and our family remained intact.

we coped when hubby injured his back and was off work for long periods of time. we had an amazing adventure when we drove to my brothers wedding in Austria and spent 3 weeks exploring Germany and France. we have had fun camping in the rain and sun, both as a family and as a couple. we have laughed and cried together as life has passed us by standing side by side.

but now my wonderful man stand tall on his own while i sit on my scooter still at his side but now needing the care. we are still a team standing against the world only i no longer fight at his side but follow slowly behind.

every day he helps me cope with the changes that have happened. never has he complained at the extra he now has to do. while he cares for me and make sure that i have all i need not once has he taken away my sense of independence. i feel loved and cared for every day. we still laugh but our adventures are smaller and quieter. now the challenges are related to every day life and just managing. our dreams have changed but they still have the same theme of togetherness.

with out him as my guiding light im sure i would have sunk into the darkness that so often accompanies this horrible illness. not only has my life changed but his has beyond recognition his evenings are spent alone while i sleep, he has to cook most nights, and spends his weekends cleaning the house. he brings me a drink when ever i need one, he lifts my scooter in and out the car and take me where ever i need or want to go.

he is my best friend and i feel honored to call him my hubby. thank you love for all that you do.xx

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