Thursday, 15 October 2009

quiet serenity

this morning as i woke up with my normal aches an pains i stood at my bedroom window looking at the world as i do most mornings ans hanging in the sky was a hot air balloon just floating peacefully in pale morning sky
the stunning red of the balloon was perfect above the green of the fields. to be floating along in such quiet serenity must be amazing.

today is not a day to rage and stamp but to contemplate and think the about the bright red spots of joy that i have in my life among the pale gray of sameness .

the good things are my fantastic husband who is always there, my children who make me smile, my most gorgeous dog who is my constant companion and his friend mac the cat who at this very moment is busy trying to get the fish paste out of the jar!

the flowers in the garden that fight against the impending gloom of winter with a glorious splash of colour.

a friend writing a comment on facebook, chatting to the people on foggy friends who are guaranteed to brighten my day, an unexpected phone call from and old and treasured friend or a new and much cherished one

going out on my scooter with google riding on the foot plate the wind blowing and feeling free. chatting to my neighbors about the weather and life.

seeing my mum and dad. and watching them laugh and joke with may family

seeing my inlaws with there new puppy billy

going away in my caravan and meeting new people who do not judge me for what i used to be

all of these are my red balloons in a pale morning sky. things that help bring balance and peace into my life
these are the things i need to hold on to like a life jacket on the stormy days when black clouds are heavy overhead and lightening is striking its fear

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