Sunday, 3 January 2010


well i wonder what surprises this year will hold for me and the family! will the miracle of health be returned! there is as always hope that this year will be different and better, however i have learnt over the last year if this is not the case my life will not end nor will my family fall apart but we will carry on finding laughter and tears as we travel through yet another year.

new years eve this year was great i got to spend it with my hubby and some very special friends and made it to midnight. we played poker and laughed and celebrated the new year. it was good to feel normal even if at 12.10 i had to be helped across the road and put to bed like a small child passed there bed time.

new years resolutions i have made are to enjoy what i can do and plan to have fun. to rest without guilt and take offers of help graciously. two years i have been ill and while i dont like it there have been good things that have come from this, i have a closer and stronger relationship with my hubby, my children have grown in to caring helpful individuals who are aware of others needs, i have learnt who my real friends are and what friendship means. most of all i have learnt that the word family is to be cherished and loved.

it has been a long journey to acceptance an i cant say that im at the end of my travels yet but i feel that the first mountain has been conquered and i was not alone when i reached the sumit but surrounded by my family and friends. along the way some fell and others have taken there place and each and every one has given me something to help me cope.

my life is simpler now no running from one hectic job to the next no competing in the work place or to be the perfect housewife, now i get to watch and savor the moments that i missed by being so busy that life was passing me by.

i hope that 2010 will bring more peace and acceptance by others to what m.e is and means to those that suffer and there families, that with luck the medical profession will recognize it for what it is a debilitating life altering chronic disease. the problem is not the disease but how we are treated by those with out understanding i would not wish this illness on any one, i would though appreciate it if someone could say i get it i understand what you are saying.

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  1. Brilliant writing, I totally agree with everything you said.....Heres to a brighter 2010 for us all x